In addition to expertise in family business consulting, corporate finance and merger and acquisition execution, we pride ourselves on conducting our activities with the utmost of integrity and a dedication to exemplary client service.

Clients-First Philosophy
We’re in the business of helping our clients realize their combined business and personal dreams. By always keeping the interests of our clients first and foremost, we have earned a reputation for integrity, commitment and excellence in client service. We take on a responsibility to equip our clients with the best financial options and alternatives available so that they confidently and proactively achieve their business objectives and personal family goals.

Unbiased Financial Advice
As an independent consultant and adviser, we have no inherent conflicts with affiliated commercial lending, private equity investing or wealth management entities. Thus, we are free to deliver truly unbiased, impartial advice and tailor solutions with only one goal in mind—the best alternatives and outcomes for each particular client.

Senior Principal Attention
Each client receives senior-level attention and unbiased financial advice directly from our seasoned principals. As a boutique firm, Belden Hill Partners offers the highest level of expertise on all of its engagements so that clients can be assured they are getting the best advice available.

Collaborative by Nature
Belden Hill Partners encourages collaboration with other closely held and family business advisers and service professionals. Working with closely held business owners and families requires a “holistic” approach that views the family business as a system comprised of interrelated and highly emotional components. No one adviser or profession of origin can deal effectively with the myriad of issues in a family business. As the family business market is also reliant on “trusted advisers,” whereby business owners seek advice and counsel from their confidants (lawyers, accountants, board members and financial planners, etc.) on issues related to the capital markets, shareholder liquidity and family governance, our principals regularly collaborate with experts from other fields in order to provide the most effective solutions.

Leadership and Expertise in Ownership Transitions and Liquidity Events
Based on more than 30 years of experience working with closely held business owners, and a unique focus on families in business, we have provided ownership succession options, business capital and shareholder liquidity alternatives, and liquidity generating transactions for businesses in numerous industries and countries. We are particularly attuned to the sensitivities and emotion involved in working with families and with non-family executives who are involved in business together. We have taken leadership roles at the Family Firm Institute (—the largest trade association of family business advisers of all types. Managing Partner Jim Murphy is a fellow of the organization and has served as a two-term board member. He has remained actively involved in the organization for purposes of fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Anthony Macaluso has been awarded an FFI certificate in both Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising.

Longer Term, More Patient Sources of Growth & Liquidity Capital
In addition to the usual contacts with traditional private equity and commercial lending sources, Belden Hill Partners maintains unique contacts with larger single-family office investors, specialized equity investment groups, individual investors and hedge funds. These nontraditional, longer-term, more “patient” sources of business and shareholder liquidity capital are often the best investors/partners for later-stage family business situations in which the owners desire some liquidity, or growth capital, but also demand a flexible structure to retain meaningful operational and economic control of their business.

International Access to Foreign Investors
The principals of Belden Hill Partners have arranged financings or strategic partners for many of our clients with foreign capital investment sources or strategic investors in Europe, Asia and South America, among others.

Confidential Execution
Working with closely held and family owned businesses requires a great deal of sensitivity and discretion. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service while maintaining strict confidentiality.

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