Our consulting business offers creative financial alternatives to clients who often feel frustrated by the challenges of balancing the needs for growing their business enterprise while simultaneously dealing with potential shareholder liquidity needs and the constraints of maintaining a firm grasp on operating and economic control. The firm also consults on other challenging issues such as: succession planning, strategic planning, working with non-family management, governance and conflict resolution, among other issues.

Options & Alternatives Analysis
Combining personal interviews with key shareholders/stakeholders in order to gain a better understanding of personal perspectives and individual goals and objectives, with a detailed review of the operating business to analyze past and future shareholder value creation opportunities, we are able to develop a complete “menu” of options and alternatives to address our clients’ business needs. Armed with a deeper understanding of the scope of issues, our clients are often surprised to find that their challenges are not unique and that there are many solutions available for them. In collaboration with the existing accounting and legal team members, Belden Hill Partners helps clients choose a clearer path to prioritizing and selecting a proactive course of action.

Succession/Transition Planning
Family owned and closely held businesses often have rich histories and their owners take pride in preserving their multigenerational ownership. However, generational transitions present some difficult issues that many businesses are not accustomed to encountering, notably, the liquidity desires of retiring shareholders and the succession concerns when transferring leadership from one generation to the next. The principals of Belden Hill have ushered closely held business owners through these delicate transitions, and can guide businesses in passing on their business legacy without having to sacrifice growth or shareholder liquidity. Additionally, through our long-time involvement with the Family Firm Institute, the leading membership association worldwide for professionals serving the family enterprise field, we have access to, and collaborate with, some of the foremost thought leaders in family business.

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