Belden Hill Partners understands that clients are often ambivalent about considering a liquidity event for their family owned or closely held business, even when they suspect that the timing may be right. The pressure to maintain the family’s business legacy and the innate distrust of larger strategic buyers often manifest as avoidance of the liquidity issue or as a reactionary, rather than a proactive, approach. What should the response be when a potentially attractive strategic partner comes knocking and offers to buy the company? Should the company consider a partial or full sale? Is the offer reasonable and can it be improved with a more competitive process involving other suitors? Are there other and/or better alternatives? Our experience working with family-owned and closely held businesses allows us to help clients understand their choices in order to explore liquidity alternatives from an educated and informed viewpoint.

Merger/Sale Transactions
The principals of BHP are skilled at identifying the critical issues in merger and acquisition transactions and ushering the closely held business owner through the competitive and daunting process of selling all or part of the business. From pre-transaction planning to development of the appropriate prospective investor/acquirer list, to marketing the company and negotiating proposals, we take the lead in this complicated and time-consuming process and see our clients through to the final documentation and closing steps, while always keeping in mind the importance of the closely held and family business context.

Buy-side/Acquisition Searches
Similarly, when considering the prospect of buying another company, the questions are just as perplexing. From start to finish, Belden Hill guides its clients through the process of strategizing, identifying, qualifying and then executing add-on and build-up merger and acquisition transactions that increase overall shareholder value.

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